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How to get subscribers and views to your YouTube channel

How To Grow Your YouTube Channel

We get this question a lot. Friends, and social media folk ask us, what is the best way to drive subscribers and views to my YouTube channel? The answer is simple, reach and quality content, yet most people who start a YouTube channel simply post the content on their own social media pages and hope that people will find it. Well, I am here to burst your bubble, and let you know that the answer is NO.. people will not find it by simply posting it on your social feeds and then playing the waiting game. Hashtag all you want, the views are not coming. The answer is reach and quality content, you have to reach as many new viewers as possible and you have to make sure those viewers are in your niche. We have a few simple tips that will help you boost views and subscribers on your YouTube Channel.

Tip #1 Increase Your Reach.

In order to build reach you have to find where your relevant audience or niche hangs out online. A great way to start this is by finding groups on Facebook that are related to your YouTube channel. For example, if you are a video game streamer, what game do you play most? Find Facebook groups related to that game and join every single one of them. Once per day, take a video from your channel, pick 3-4 groups and drop that video in that Facebook group. Then, select a different video, and drop it in 3-4 other groups. You have to do this to avoid being blocked by Facebook. Also physically type out variations of copy for your posts in the groups. This will help you to avoid the dreaded Facebook comments block.

If you do this for a month straight, I promise you will see major growth, and this is just a small piece of the total reach strategy, you should do a lot more than this to really see growth, but this is a great tip to get you started on reach.

Tip #2 Networking with relevant Bloggers, Vloggers and Influencers.

Another big step in growing your YouTube channel is to create an Instagram page and network with the bigger people in your niche. If you do make-up or fashion vlogging, then go follow every single big influencer, vlogger and blogger on Instagram. Start monitoring their content and then comment on them, you can even drop a hint about your vlogs, or mention a video where you cover a similar topic. The more you engage with these bigger influencers the more your name will come up as others read the comments, resulting in more visibility for your YouTube and Instagram Channels.

Tip #3 Learn basics of SEO and build your videos around popular search topics in your Niche.

Build your content around popular search topics in your niche. A lot of people seem to skip this step, but it is really important if you want to build organic views and traffic, it also helps YouTube to suggest your video to new viewers. You can use a tool like to find popular keywords in your specific niche.

It's important to pick a keyword before you start filming your content as this will help you come up with the best content to cover that keyword or topic. Don't forget to say and mention those keywords about your topic so that YouTube can pick up on them when it adds closed captions for your video.

Once you do have a keyword or topic in mind, do some research on who is ranking highest for those topics, and see what kind of message they are putting out for those keywords. This will help you understand the landscape better and give you ideas on how to structure your content for the keywords you selected. Despite the myths floating around the internet, some of the most watched videos are less than 5 minutes long, so don't stress about making a mini-movie, just keep it simple and cover your keywords in a creative and fun way!

Of course there are plenty of other steps that go into creating a successful brand on YouTube, such as Branding, Thumbnails and YouTube cards but we will save some tips for a future blog post. These are just a few tips in the overall strategy we use to build brands. We hope that these tips help you see a boost on your YouTube Channel as well. Build those subscribers and earn those views! Want more tips on how to grow your YouTube channel? Follow us on YouTube and Instagram.

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