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4 Easy Steps On How To Grow Your Business On Facebook

How To Market Your Business on Facebook

Facebook is a platform that reaches a 1.62 billion people a day. This has made it one of the top platforms for businesses big and small to use as a marketing tool. Not only can you place ads but you can also grow a following for your business using Facebook. The more people that know about your business, the more potential money you can make. Here are four easy tips on how you can capitalize and grow your business on Facebook. This way, you can stop worrying about money being tight when paying your bills, and instead start worrying about your next vacation.

Tip #1 Use a Personal Profile to Post In Relevant Groups

Rather than using your business page, you should use your personal Facebook profile. There are a few reasons why this a great way to grow your business on Facebook. First, there are many more groups out there available for personal profiles than there are for business pages. Being able to join more group pages means you will be able to reach far more people than you would have, if you simply used your business page. From here you can share your business content and any other relevant content that will help you gain new costumers, clients, followers. Second, this tactic also allows you to share content without looking like you are spamming groups and friends from your business page. Sharing business content from a personal page looks like you are sharing cool content rather than constantly posting business spam. Native advertising on Facebook?

Tip #2 Network with Influencers in Your Niche

Once you have joined relevant groups you need to start interacting with them in order to grow your business. Starting a conversation in the groups and with influencers is a great way to introduce yourself and your business. In order to get others to interact with your post, insert a question in your copy. This will allow others to engage in your conversation. Make sure you respond back to the comments left on your posts, this will help you to become an influencer in your own right. Also, make sure you are engaging in the other posts on the group as well. These are great ways to promote and grow your business. For example, if you are a toy store, comment on posts from Target, or Walmart when they share a toy, or when influencers share a toy, comment on it. As people leave their comments, yours has more of a chance to be seen and draw attention of potential buyers.

Tip #3 Start a Facebook Group

You can always start your own group too. This strategy allows you to localize your page and grow your business where you are located. If you are a hardware store, start a handyman and contractors group in your location such as "Handymen and Contractors of Las Vegas". Facebook is great at helping people target their specific audience and this is where you can do that. You will be able to share your business news, as well as promote your business with those that are specifically in your niche. Here you will not have to worry about your content looking like spam because everyone in the group is there for your business content and specific networking in your niche. Consumers can go onto your group page with any questions they have, and you will be able to answer those consumer questions. This will help you to become an influencer in your own space and in your location.

Tip #4 Create Video Content

Good video content is always a great thing to share. From how to videos, DIY videos or even just something light and fun, people love watching videos. Videos can be fun, creative, and meaningful or touching depending on what you are trying to sell. Every great business and influencer has good video content, because it is great shareable content. You can showcase what makes your business unique. Just make sure to get a high quality camera and have your audio on point. There is nothing worse than watching an amazing video, but not being able to hear a word someone is saying. Video will help your business to grow on Facebook and beyond.

These are the basic steps to starting your Facebook growth journey, and we hope you find value in our tips for your business. If you are looking for more tips for marketing your business, follow our business marketing blog!

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