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  • Amy Anderson

5 Marketing Tips To Get Your Online Business Off The Ground

Marketing Tips Social Media Marketing

At the center of every business lies the heart of how it grows... MARKETING. Every business needs it, but only a handful get the hang of it. No, we don't mean posting silly cats and hoping every company and consumer will "hopefully" think you, are just as cute. We mean real marketing, with a real strategy that truly helps drive targeted traffic.

I'm going to give you five simple marketing tips that will help you get started on the journey of making your online presence...SUCCESSFUL!

1. Understand Your Audience

This is a big one. A lot of people tend to forget who they are targeting and spend thousands of dollars sending grandma ads of extreme sports or car parts. Not every grandma is going to be your biggest customer if you are selling nuts & bolts to a car she has never heard of. Targeting and demographics is extremely important to all of your advertising efforts. You will always get the most return on your investment by advertising directly to your target market. Get to know your market by trying various ad artwork and copy. Then optimize by keeping the one that performs best!

2. Optimize Everything For Mobile Consumption

According to the 2019 report by e-marketer the average US Adult will spend 3 hours and 43 minutes consuming media on their mobile devices each day, this is higher than the 3 hours and 35 minutes spent on Television Media. This means the average US Adult uses their mobile device, more often than their TV!

Optimize your website, your content and your email campaigns to look great on mobile as well as web. Make sure to create easy access to everything your business offers on a mobile device.

3. Be Active On Social Media

This one often seems to get lost in the fray of opening a new business. Pages get created, and then pages get forgotten. DO NOT FORGET YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES! Consumers today rely on social media to make buying decisions. More often than you may realize, consumers will look at a companies social media pages before making the decision to hire, work with, or make a purchase. If your pages don't reflect how awesome you are, people may not see it either.

Always keep your social media pages up to date with the most current information. Social media is also a great place to engage with your target market.

Start by finding groups, pages or profiles related to your business. Comment on relevant media and try to engage with relevant content. This helps you in so many ways, from building awareness to going viral. We can go deeper into that with another article.

4. Content Is King

Content is King. Content is KING! Get to know the ins and outs of what content your audience finds most valuable. From stories and bits of cool information about your company to behind the scenes photos of how your company operates. There are a ton of ways to get creative about your business. Put yourself in the shoes of someone who knows little about what you do, and think of what they might see as valuable, cool or entertaining. If you make shoes, show us some cool behind the scenes factory work. If you sell shoes.. show us some cool stories about your most recent customer or employee.

Finding creative ways to show your audience what you do can be tricky, and a proper content marketing plan will require a lot of work. But even one piece of good content per month will help increase your presence online. Start a blog or create a story to tell on Instagram. The options are limitless once you put your imagination to work.

Content not only helps you establish yourself online, but also helps you rank in search engines!

5. Know The Importance Of SEO And How Content Plays It's Part As King

Social Media and Display Advertising are just a part of your digital marketing strategy. However, Google search still reigns in as one of the top ways consumers find what they need. So for this reason, Google Search and SEO are still very important.

Google tracks and ranks websites by how many links are linking back to your website, as well as how regularly and relevant the content is. You can no longer win the SEO game by simply managing your links and keywords. You must now have quality content, in turn this will lead to links to your content. Driving you up in search rank.

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